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n2sleep is a sleep laboratory that provides first-rate scoring services for hospitals and sleep centers.

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Welcome to n2sleep

We have been in the scoring business since 2006 providing the best quality services available on the market today.

All of our scoring is done manually in-house by a registered technologist (RPSGT), following all of the latest AASM Scoring Guidelines.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident of our service that we’ll do your first six studies at no to cost to you. The only way that we can prove our value to you, however, is by having you give us a try! If you are not happy with our service for any reason, you can simply stop sending us your sleep studies and there will be NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

Maximizing profits. Increasing efficiency. Enhancing patient care.

N2Sleep offers low cost, fast turnaround time sleep scoring services that comply with the standards of the American Association of Sleep Medicine.

Due to our low overhead, N2Sleep can provide high quality, reliable, accurate, and fast scoring services that won’t strain your company’s finances. N2Sleep is committed to serving you at all times. Our scoring staff works around the clock-24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Why out-source your scoring?

An important part of a sleep lab’s workflow is the scoring of the patient’s study given that massive amounts of raw data are acquired during the sleep study. The interpreting physician relies on the timely and accurate scoring of sleep studies in order to deliver the proper diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, in many sleep labs across the country, the process of scoring these studies is often the major cause of delays in turnaround time. In theory, a typical study should be scored within an hour of uninterrupted time.

A four-bed, lab which is running full, would therefore require one scoring tech to score four studies the following day in four hours. In reality, what happens during the day prevents the day tech from delivering consistent quality scoring since the lab gets busy with patients, calls from referring physicians, walk-ins, visits from manufacturer’s reps, interactions with other office personnel, etc. The result is clear and predictable. Instead of scoring four studies in four hours, the tech becomes distracted and typically scores fewer than his/her goal. Ultimately, this leaves sleep studies sifting in the “to be done” file for another day. A vicious cycle then begins to transform as another new set of four patients arrives for their studies the following evening. Result: a never-ending backlog begins build up.

The stark reality is that most sleep labs are small businesses with very limited funding capabilities. The scoring tech is usually a registered polysomnographic tech (RPSGT) who happens to command a high pay-scale in the lab. In California, RPSGTs are paid on average between $70K-$100k after benefits are factored in. Hiring a second RPSGT to catch up on the scoring is just not financially feasible in most cases.